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Stopping smoking is one of the best things you can do for your baby to give them a healthy start in life. In Warwickshire, our specialist team of experienced stop smoking in pregnancy advisors provide a friendly, confidential service to help pregnant smokers and their families stop smoking.

We have helped lots of women just like you to quit smoking, and we can help you too. You are three times more likely to stop smoking with support from Warwickshire stop smoking in pregnancy service than on your own.

Call or text the team on:  07917 227 004

Standard network charges will apply, if you prefer you can text us and we can call you back.

Today is the day (to stop smoking) campaign image - lady holding baby bump

Smoking and pregnancy don’t really mix. Smoking while pregnant puts both you and your unborn baby at risk. It can be a challenge to stop smoking, but it's never too late to quit. #NoSmokingDay #Quit4baby

Make today the day for taking that first step on your quit journey, visit the NHS Quit Smoking website where you can find NHS telephone and online support.

If you are pregnant, access the dedicated Stop Smoking in Pregnancy service at:, call or text 07917 227 004 or email

What happens next?

If you are a smoker, your midwife will refer to you to this service after your first pregnancy appointment. We will then contact you by phone and text to offer you a telephone or video call appointment. Alternatively, you can ask your midwife to refer you to the Service at any time during your pregnancy or simply contact the helpline yourself and book an appointment with one of our team by calling or texting 07917 227 004.

After your first appointment with us we can provide face-to-face support visits at your home or at a local clinic or hospital if you prefer as part of your Quit 4 Baby stop smoking plan. We can also give prescriptions for nicotine replacement therapy which includes products like patches, mouth sprays, inhalators, lozenges and gum. These are free during pregnancy and can help you cope with cravings.

Together we will come up with a plan, that works for you, to help you to stop smoking, if that is what you decide.

If you are currently in employment you are entitled to time off work to attend a stop smoking appointment. Have a look at the Maternity Action website to find out more, and check with your employer.

The team

Team photo of five women stood side by side.

I got in touch with the smoking cessation maternity team as I was finding it difficult to stop smoking on my own with no support from a medical professional.  They were very kind and very prompt in getting back in touch. I started to see Kelly on a weekly basis who gave me all the support and guidance I needed without being judgmental at all, I felt very confident in speaking to Kelly.

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