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Other women who have quit with us

Here at Warwickshire's Stop Smoking During Pregnancy Service, we are dedicated to helping you with which ever path you choose. We like to keep our service personal to you so its only right you get to know who we are and who we have helped so far.

Ellie and Vicky's story

Trish's story

Sarah's Story

I got in touch with the smoking cessation maternity team as I was finding it difficult to stop smoking on my own with no support from a medical professional. They were very kind and very prompt in getting back in touch. I started to see Kelly on a weekly basis who gave me all the support and guidance I needed without being judgmental at all, I felt very confident in speaking to Kelly.

The first couple of weeks I was on the medium strength patch with a Nicorette spray and Nicorette inhalator (I did not use the spray or the inhalator much at all just stuck with the patches) as I only smoked around 10 cigarettes a day before I was pregnant and did manage to cut this down myself to less then 3-5 a day, I did struggle with the first couple of weeks and did have a couple of "blips" where I did have the occasionally cigarette, I explained this to Kelly who again was not judgmental at all and just wanted to help me, so she increased my patch that I was using.

Within a couple of days I was not smoking at all and then by the end of that week I had not even needed to use the patch at all. I am currently on week 8 and have not had a single puff on a cigarette for many weeks its been that long for me I have actually forgot how long ago it was that I smoked. I highly recommend this service and feel that without this service I would of really struggled to stop smoking.