E-cigarettes: a guide for healthcare professionals

Online training provided by NCSCT

This course covers the safety and effectiveness of e-cigarettes, types of device and issues for e-cigarette users to consider. It looks specifically at the role of e-cigarettes for young people and pregnant women who smoke, and answers frequently asked questions. The course aims to provide health professionals with the knowledge, and clinical guidance, to ensure that the advice that they give to smokers is evidence-based and effective.

You can access the course via the NCSCT website or directly here

The launch of the course coincides with the publication of the latest (February 2018) evidence review by Public Health England.  The full report can be downloaded from the online course and the executive summary is here

Staying Switched: Advice for new vapers from old hands

When people who smoke make the initial switch to vaping, it can be a tricky journey. Many new vapers really want to make it a successful transition, but often find themselves popping a cigarette into their mouth at times of need. Vaping is more technically challenging, and there is a risk that the person may relapse to smoking.

Those of us who haven’t vaped, including stop smoking practitioners, nurses and doctors, despite their experience in other matters, might struggle to give the best advice. Family members too want to say the right thing but might not have the insight that is needed.

A new resource, produced collaboratively by the University of East Anglia, the New Nicotine Alliance, Cancer Research UK and the National Centre for Smoking Cessation and Training, neatly fills this gap, and is available now. It offers clear advice to help people stay vaping so that they can stay away from smoking. It’s easy to read and illustrated in a way that will appeal to practitioners and workers in healthcare settings, as well as to service users and patients.


Developed from research undertaken at the University of East Anglia, this leaflet draws directly on the experiences of vapers themselves.

“I didn’t know that higher strength liquid could be used to manage times of unusual stress” CB, wife of vaper.

Leaflets are available free to download here

Hard copies for stop smoking services can be ordered from addiction.research@uea.ac.uk

More information on the University of East Anglia’s research into vaping can be found here

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