I haven’t smoked any cigarettes since my quit date


Quitting isn’t always easy so you should be really proud of this achievement.  Hopefully you will be feeling lots of benefits from being smokefree.

As you come to the end of your stop smoking medication it is  a good idea to have a couple of pieces of nicotine gum, lozenge, etc with your so you are prepared for any unexpected cravings.

This is the end of our time together on the course, but you are welcome to carry on getting support through the forum.  Enjoy your new smokefree life!

If you have a story about becoming Smokefree that you would like to share with other smokers to encourage them to quit, post this on our website.  For on-going support, advice and tips from other quitters and expert Stop Smoking Advisors go to the forum at www.quit4good.co.uk

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