Spontaneous Quitters

Posted on 20th May 2019

“Do you mean to say I have to start smoking again to get a service from you?”

This will be a protest familiar to stop smoking practitioners everywhere, especially since the implementation of the Risky Behaviours CQUIN and since prisons and mental health units went smokefree.

This scenario presents challenges for accurate stop smoking services recording: the individual has stopped smoking because they were in an environment where they either couldn’t smoke or where they were encouraged to start a quit attempt. Now they are back in the community, they want to get support to stop for good and yet they can’t be counted as a ‘treated smoker’ because of the 48 hour rule.

Practitioners and service users will be pleased to know that this is about to change with the adoption of new pragmatic and supportive guidance

Download the NCSCT Guidance here



(image taken from PDF download of guidance)

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