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Support for partners, family and friends

Support for partners, family & friends

Did you know that we can also help your partner or other household members/family or friends to quit too? We can see them at the same time as we see you or we can advise them where best to get help, such as a local pharmacy or their own GP.

What can I do if my partner doesn’t want to quit?

If partners and other household members are not ready to quit themselves we can advise them on how to support you to quit, helping you and your growing baby.

Top tips for partners/other household members/family & friends

It would really help the mum-to-be if you can quit smoking together. We can help you or you can go to your own GP or a local pharmacy for support. If you don’t want to quit now then you can still play a key part in helping mum-to-be quit by following our tips below;

  • Smoke away from mum-to-be and her unborn baby. Second-hand smoke contains lots of chemicals that are very harmful to the unborn child. Take a look at some of the chemicals in cigarettes. You’ll be surprised!
  • Smoke outside and out of view - just seeing someone else smoke can trigger a craving, don’t put temptation in her view.
  • If you smoke in the car then clean it out and empty the ashtrays. Do not smoke in the car when she is with you. If you're bringing the baby home from the hospital you won’t be able to smoke in the car as it is against the law to smoke with a child on board. Start now and get your car smokefree and smelling nice for when you pick up baby to bring them home.
  • Remove all ashtrays and other smoking related objects from the home.
  • Take your cigarettes, tobacco and papers etc with you when you go out - do not leave them lying around the house.

Don’t offer her a cigarette if she is craving one, instead support her to stay smokefree by helping her through the cravings. Make her a cuppa, go for a walk with her, give her a hug, run her a bath. Just try to take her mind off of smoking for a few minutes and give her lots of praise and encouragement. The 4Ds can help her if she is struggling with cravings.

It can be hard to know what to do for the best to help someone quit, but helping them to stay smokefree is the best thing you can do to help keep this baby healthy and happy.

See our poster for more advice for parents.

You have a very important role to play in this baby’s future, so start now by helping them stay smokefree.

Smokefree Families have more tips on how you can keep your home smokefree in just a few steps, 

Call or text the team on 07917 227 004
Standard network charges will apply, if you prefer you can text us and we can call you back.