No Smoking Day 2020

Posted on 21st February 2020

Want to use an E-cig to quit this No Smoking Day? We can help.

Wednesday 11th March marks No Smoking Day 2020, an awareness day that encourages smokers to quit smoking – even if just for one day. Research highlights that 1 in 10 smokers attempt to quit on No Smoking Day and this has resulted in helping over 1.5 million people stub out their cigarettes for good, and this year, you could too.

E­-Cigarettes/Vapourisers are currently the most popular stop smoking aid in England and evidence indicates they can help people quit. If you plan on using and E-cig this No Smoking Day, don’t forget you can still get support from Warwickshire’s Stop Smoking Service. You can find your local stop smoking service here.

In the video below, leading smoking researcher from University College London, Dr Lion Shahab and Dr Rosemary Leonard carry out a demonstration to visually illustrate the difference in impact of consuming one month’s supply of cigarettes and E liquids in a short period of time. You can read more about e-cigarettes on our dedicated web page.


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