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Get ready to quit

Before you get started here’s a quick check list that will help you get prepared for quitting:

  1. View the smoke free guide
  2. Take a look at our preparing to quit page.
  3. Prepare yourself as much as possible to cope with cravings.
  4. The Smokefree Formula book is also available at Warwickshire libraries in the “Books on Prescription” catalogue.
  5. Take a look at the range of stop smoking products available to help you, including e-cigarettes.
  6. You may also want to look at NHS’s Why Quit for lots more information about quitting
  7. British Heart Foundation's 10 minutes to change your life - (PDF, 383 KB)
  8. For more small changes that will move you towards a healthier heart you can view the BHF resources.

Once you ready to set a quit date decide what type of service you want to use:

  1. Face-to-face with a Stop Smoking Adviser - find your local advisor and phone them to make an appointment.
  2. NHS Online Stop Smoking Support Service – register with smokefree NHS for free expert support to help you quit smoking.