Will quitting make me and my baby more stressed?

Stopping smoking won’t harm your baby, it's actually one of the best things you can do to protect your baby. You may think a quit attempt will induce stress but it's not always as hard as you might think.

In reality, smoking actually causes stress on your developing baby because each time you smoke your baby’s oxygen levels are immediately reduced. This means that their heart has to work much harder to cope with this lack of oxygen.

You may think that you feel calmer when you smoke but this is just your body’s reaction to the nicotine that it is craving.

When you smoke your blood pressure and heart rate increase. If you stop smoking completely your body will no longer crave the nicotine that you get from smoking tobacco, making you feel less stressed in general.

Pregnant women who have quit smoking have told us that they feel calmer and less stressed than they did when they used to smoke.

You may find it hard to stop smoking, but once you have been smokefree for a few days you will find it much easier. We can also provide you with a prescription for nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) which is free during pregnancy when you are using the Stop Smoking Service and can help you beat the cravings.

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