Accessing NCSCT Training

To access the NCSCT online Stop Smoking Practitioner training and certification, please follow these steps.NCSCT course

  1. Follow the link to the NCSCT Training and Assessment Programme web page
  2. Read the introduction and click on the “Go” button in the centre on the page
  3. Select NCSCT England from the list
  4. You are then presented with a selection of online training courses – click on the first box “Practitioner Training: Core competences in helping people stop smoking” (highlighted in yellow on the image)
  5. You will then need to log in or register if you don’t already have an account
  6. A welcome screen should then appear and you can click the “Continue” button to begin the training course

If you have any trouble accessing the training, please use the help function on the NCSCT website.

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