About Us

Warwickshire Stop Smoking Services are here to provide you with the most effective help and support to quit 4 good. We have stop smoking services all over Warwickshire to make sure it’s easy to get support to quit.

We run a 3 month (12 week) stop smoking course to help YOU quit 4 good. You’re 4 times more likely to stop smoking for good with our help.

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How we work

We are specialists in helping YOU stop smoking – we tailor support to meet your needs. You can quit 4 good in two ways:

    1. A Stop Smoking Adviser will see you regularly for one-one support for up to 12 weeks and will organise for you to have a stop smoking product for the cost of prescription (free if you don’t pay for prescriptions).  You can find  stop smoking advisers at your GP surgeries selected pharmacies and other venues – click here
    2. You can choose to Quit4Good online. You will receive information by email to help you plan how you will quit. You will then be provided with a voucher to take to a local pharmacy where you can collect your stop smoking medication. Then you will get regular support emails from us along with additional vouchers for your medication. You will also have access to our stop smoking forum where you can share the quitting process with others and get expert advice and help from Stop Smoking Advisers – click here to register for this service

When asked if they would recommend the service, 9 out of 10 smokers who’ve used a local Stop Smoking Service say they would.

When you’re ready to quit you can find all the tools and support you need to start your quit journey with our FREE, friendly and supportive Stop Smoking Service. There are loads of ways to quit smoking, and we’ve got the advice you need to get your quit attempt off the ground.

If you think you’ve tried every way to quit already, think again!

The chances are that you haven’t tried all the possible stop smoking products and there are new and better products are becoming available regularly.  Get in touch with your local stop smoking service to find out what the options are – you may well find something that suits you so you can become smokefree for life.


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